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Bug Sending Skype Instant Messages To Wrong Contacts

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Skype has been messed up since the past few days as its instant messages are being sent to the wrong contacts. It has confirmed that a bug is causing the instant messages to be sent to the wrong parties. However, a small number of Skype users have been affected.

Microsoft Corporation, who owns Skype, has identified the bug and is terming it as a rare occurrence but has not been able to pin down the exact cause for the bug.

Skype is going to send out a software update that should fix the problem in the coming few days. The users will be notified once the update becomes available. Various technology blogs and online support forums of Skype have been able to describe this bug. This is happening when the Skype program of a user crashes during the instant messaging session. In many cases, what is happening is that it is leading to the last instant message of that user being diverted to another contact when the program is restarted.

In rare circumstances, the IM’s between two contacts could be sent to an unintended third contact. To fix this, users will have to download an updated version of Skype in the next few days. Many users are of the opinion that since the update of last month, Skype has been rather full of glitches. This accidental diversion of instant messages is being looked at as a serious invasion of privacy for the users, making some of them apprehensive of using Skype until the problem is fixed.