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App to Help the Unemployed with Job Search

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BeKnown is a professional networking App that will allow users to build their professional identity within the Facebook.  People feel that Facebook, as a social networking site, is not the place that comes to mind when hunting for new career opportunities., which is a career search website, is hoping to change that with a professional networking App known as BeKnown which will enable its users to build identities within Facebook. The reason for this is that people are spending a lot of their time on Facebook while at the same time many companies are trying to find creative tools to connect with potential talent.

Jobs are displayed based on the users’ work experience and network connections with BeKnown. When the App identifies a potential job, the users can identify their interest and this is relayed to the employer using the information from the profile.

Users can earn badges and visual emblems within the App based on their work experience and their accomplishments from sites or colleges to serve as aids for the recruiters to highlight their accomplishments. This App was actually launched about half a year back and now it has been updated to introduce college pages for users to network with past alumni and to find jobs that have been posted by them.

When a job is posted in BeKnown, it is automatically posted on the page of the college that the job poster attended. Users will see the job opportunity and will start a conversation with those people in a professional way. The updated App also lists jobs directly on a Company’s Facebook pages.

Similar Apps for Facebook include BranchOut. This App was released last year. BeKnown is configured to work with iPhone and Android.