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How To Remotely Control Your Android Device

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android-remote-loginEver since the smartphones have taken over the traditional desktops and laptops, technology geeks are more and more serious about the usability of the mobile OS and push the mobile OS limits to its fullest.

You may have heard about remotely controlling your computer  (PC/Mac or Linux) but here is a neat little application that will actually allow you to remotely control your Android device. I am not kidding.


Four Most Addictive MMORPG's For iOS & Android

combat-gamesSmartphone gaming has seen a rise in recent times. MMORPG and other games have been received with open arms by the smartphone community. There have been several releases for android, iOS etc. Here is a list of the best available MMORPG’s.


IRCTC Pro - Free - Book Railway Tickets Via Mobile

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irctc-proIndian Railways is one of the biggest employer in the world. It is also one of the biggest and largest government owned transportation system that works. There are millions of transactions happen everyday at IRCTC website and people from all over the country book railway tickets online.

Online booking of railway tickets has exploded with more and more users using smartphones and tablets in India. There are many train bookin sites in India but I am going to talk about a neat smartphone app that actually allows you to make an online rail ticket booking from within your phone.


Bug Sending Skype Instant Messages To Wrong Contacts

instant-messages-SKYPESkype has been messed up since the past few days as its instant messages are being sent to the wrong contacts. It has confirmed that a bug is causing the instant messages to be sent to the wrong parties. However, a small number of Skype users have been affected.


Agatsya - Remotely Access Android Phone Via SMS

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agatsya-remotely-access-android-phoneThere are many applications in the market that lets you remote control your PC or Mac. Android OS has many applications that can remote control your computer. But ever wanted to remote control your android phone?

Well, you have an application for that now. You can actually access information from your Android phone just by sending an SMS to your phone number.


Now Type in Hindi With Predictions on iPad iPhone Android

quillpad-hindi-touch-ipadIndian languages are now adapted and accepted worldwide, at least on the internet. All the major websites like Facebook, Google, Yahoo are now supporting Indian languages. You can infact type in Indian languages anywhere with Google Transliteration.

Typing in Hindi is still not easily available on iOS devices such as iPad or iPhone. That has changed now. QuillPad has launched a new app that will allow you to type in Hindi on iPad and iPhone. Android version will follow soon.


Toshiba Thrive Tablet: Latest Offering in the 7” Tablet Market

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Toshiba_Thrive_TabletThe Toshiba Thrive 7” Tablet is the latest offering in the 7” tablet market. Its biggest feature is the crisp high resolution of 1280x800 pixels display but bad reviews have come about its audio performance. Toshiba Thrive comes at a higher price than the season’s budget seven inch models like the Amazon Kindle Fire and the Barnes & Noble’s Nook tablet.


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