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Viber Updates Version

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Viber has released version 2.2 of its app for both iPhones and Android devices. It has just brought some much awaited features to its platform for the first time to improve call quality and group messaging. It promises improved user interface and enriched high definition calling. The only problem with Viber is that it is only voice calling and does not have video chatting format.

Just a couple of months ago, Viber had reported seventy million registered users. As of now, it has crossed ninety million. It has taken the number of text messages to two billion per month.

You can now use messaging in landscape format with the updated version. You can now choose a background of your choice rather than the standard white. A smart notifications feature has been added to avoid a barrage of alerts. Users will also be able to share their names and photos.

Viber has released its beta apps for BlackBerry and Windows Phones recently. Its Android version will be released in nine additional languages including Arabic, Chinese, French and Portuguese.

The revised version Viber VoIP for iPhones has hit the App Stores. People have been quite impressed with the voice quality of the previous version even. The great thing about Viber is that it does not have to be running to get a call notification unlike Skype. The only catch is that every person you want to call should be running Viber.

The updates to Viber are mainly for the fixing of bugs for international dialling and amendments to the privacy policy. The revised app gives better Bluetooth support.