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RIM presents upgraded PlayBook Operating System in India

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Research in Motion has been facing tough competition from Apple’s iPad. Today, it launched Playbook OS 2.0, an upgraded version of the operating system for its PlayBook tablet, in the Indian market. The new version is with a people-centric calendar and has a range of new communications and productivity upgrades. In addition to this, it has an expanded App and content support.

RIM has been struggling to gain a sizeable market share since the last ten months when it initially launched the tablets. It has sold only 150,000 PlayBook tablets in the last quarter compared with Apple’s 15.43 million iPads.

The new operating system features integrated eMail solution where the users have an option to utilize a unified inbox and consolidate all messages from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The users can also keep personal and official eMails at one place.

The operating system will also offer improved mobile productivity with upgraded document editing functions. There will be an increased control and management of corporate data with BlackBerry balance and it is available for download free of charge for all BlackBerry PlayBook tablets.

If RIM hopes to bounce back to rub shoulders with Apple and Google, its operating system BlackBerry 10 will have to impress its customers.  The latest 2.0 software update for its PlayBook tablet is likely to be the foundation for BlackBerry 10. Many BlackBerry fans have been positive about its software update. There are currently about ten thousand PlayBook Apps online and that number is growing rapidly.