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Managing Admin Security For Your Business Network

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The security threats are always evolving in the internet world. It is always better to be proactive and be smart about security issues. You have to come out of the box and think smart when it comes to protect your company’s network and data systems. You have to learn how to block viruses and malware that threaten your business.

The father of computers, Charles Babbage, had always felt that man will direct himself to find defects and problems when proposed a principle. He felt that man has a tendency to deem a concept as impossible first; then, he will do his best to render that principle useless even if it is proved successful before his eyes.

You can begin your security plans by renaming privileged accounts. This technique will work well as attackers will not be able to discern new names for your privileged accounts. If they come across strange and hard names, they will find it difficult to launch a successful campaign against them for guessing passwords.

History reveals that campaigns against servers and workstations have not been successful for anything other than built-in account names. It also becomes easier to alert yourself to log-on attempts to the original privileged account names once they are no longer in use.

Another good technique is to get rid of all the wholesale privileged accounts. You have to get rid of names like administrator, domain admin and every group or account that has built-in privileged permissions by default. Microsoft followed this by disabling local administrator accounts by default on every version of Windows starting in 2007 with Vista and all later upgrades. Millions of computers are prospering after that.