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Google Chrome 18 - Makes Older PC Browsing Faster - Download Now

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Google Chrome hit the 18th version today with an official released version of Google Chrome 18 available for download, it brings improved graphics support to both newer and older computers.

So what are the new features of Chrome 18?

Features of Google Chrome 18

  • Fast start-up
    Google Chrome launches in a snap.
  • Fast loading
    Google Chrome loads web pages quickly.
  • Fast search
    Search the web right from the address bar.
  • The Canvas2D changes will allow the same older PCs to process game and animation graphics faster.

  • Google Chrome 18 updates the Flash player plugin to latest version Flash 11.

But the most important feature of Google Chrome 18 is that it brings improved graphics and access to basic 3D content for older computers. Google has partnered with TransGaming to license the softare SwiftShader. SwiftShader only works when Chrome's baked-in graphics processor acceleration doesn't run, and in the blog post announcing the update

You can download Google Chrome 18 now by visiting this link