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Download Beta Norton 2013 Antivirus 360 Free - Supports Windows 8

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Securing your computer in this age is the most important thing you can do. Norton Antivirus is one of the most popular antivirus for Windows and Mac machines. Norton Antivirus provides malware prevention and removal.

You can download Norton 2013 Antivirus free in beta version. Symantec has just released a beta program for its 2013 line of products.

Some of the features of Norton 2013 Antivirus/360 protections are

  • Supports Windows 7 as well as upcoming Windows 8 operating system

  • features a new protection capability for Windows 8 OS that protects those who download and install Metro styled apps

  • It has a next-generation firewall protection system which improve the ability to detect and block malicious network activity, including botnet activity that will attempt to steal personal information

  • It will have feature bandwidth monitoring. It will help limiting non-critical updates on bandwidth sensitive networks.

How to get Norton 2013 Antivirus free?

Well its not the free free version. Its a beta version. So you get the 14 days activation key. But once the 14 days activation expires, you can download it again and get another 14 days Norton 2013 activation key for free.

You can download Norton 2013 Antivirus free from Norton Website here

If you are not a Norton Antivirus fan, you can use one of these best free antivirus softwares downloads.