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Basics Of Microsoft Office 2013

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Microsoft has made an announcement about its new Office suite yesterday. The final package will take a few more months to come out. The preview versions are available for use. They have been downloaded by many people as soon as Microsoft opened its servers yesterday.

There is not going to be an installer or a program file to download. A user is required to log into the Live account to download all the files from the web in real time. Microsoft terms it as a click-to-run installer.

The Office requires a few clicks and people can start using Microsoft Office 2013 depending on their internet connection in a few minutes. It requires a minimum of 1 GHz processor, 1GB RAM and 3GB free space on the hard disk. It also needs 1024x576 pixels display resolution and Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system. The bad news for Windows XP or Vista users is that Office 2013 does not support these operating systems.

Office 2013 is likely to be sold with a subscription for Sky Drive integration. Sky Drive is Microsoft Corporation’s cloud-based storage service. There are four preview versions available for Office 2013. These are Home Premium, Small Business Premium, pro Plus and Enterprise previews.

Metro is the user interface for Microsoft. There have been some usability and visual changes. By using the Metro interface, the Office suite will look smart and clean. The ribbon interface is still there and could be hidden. Users can save their files directly to Sky Drive and edit their files which are stored in Microsoft’s servers. The Office on Demand feature can be used even when a user is out to access the documents in the Office.

Read mode has been designed keeping the smartphones and tablets in mind. The document is changed into a book like page once the user clicks the read mode but the user cannot edit a document in this mode. YouTube videos can be embedded into the documents directly and the users do not have to save the videos to their local computer. There is also a Flickr integration that allows users to search for photos on the photo sharing websites and embed images using Office 2013.