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Navigate In Malls And Airports Using Google Maps

Google_Maps_are_going_Indoors_with_their_Mobile_Mapping_Services_on_Android_PhonesAn upgrade of the mobile mapping services released by Google yesterday will include directions within malls, stores, airports and transit centers, starting with the United States of America and Japan. Google wants to expand its dominion with Google Maps and cover the airports and shopping malls of the world. Google plans its indoor maps first on smartphones and tablet computers that run on Android’s software. Google Maps 6.0 includes this indoor mapping. The users of mobile devices running Android Operating System 2.1 will have the ability to use Google Maps indoors.


Top 5 Mobile OS Features

ebp-iOS-5t is the little things that give you a good user experience on your mobile handset. These features are a joy to use. It is easy and compelling to use a particular device and its operating system.

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Four Inch iOS Device for iPad 3

imessages-works-on-ipad-and-every-other-ios-device-over-3g-or-wi-fi-and-its-all-encryptedThere are more rumours of a four inch iOS device. Few weeks back, Apple was approaching Sharp to produce displays for their upcoming iPad. There were rumours also that LG and Samsung will be supplying displays for the Apple slate, probably iPad3. Now, there is fresh information about a four inch display that has surfaced.


Free International Calls with Android Apps

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tango-android-appNew App will enable users to make low cost calls to all fixed and mobile phones in many countries. Sweden-based company Freephoo has extended its free calling application in new countries for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


HostGator WordPress Hosting has Good Guides for Beginners

wordpress-pluginsHostGator WordPress Hosting will give the clients unlimited number of domains, blogs and one click WordPress installation. This website will also give a balanced WordPress web hosting environment. The different screening standards that are available on WordPress hosting are Linux and Apache.


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