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Android in Your Home

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android-at-homeOne of the highlights of the Consumers Electronics Show of this year is that Android in your home will be the next big thing. Android will now be in your home and in your fridge.  Nearly every device in your house from your television to your refrigerator is going to be networked and most probably will be Android powered. The smartphone will become the portal to all other devices and appliances in your home. They will all work together seamlessly and allow you access to whatever information you want anywhere in the house. If you realize, this is already happening as Wi-Fi is being used now to control lights in your houses.


13 Tips for Increasing the Google Rank of Your Company

l3aC-5BPrFsGUk-DEThq2jl72eJkfbmt4t8yenImKBVaiQDB_Rd1H6kmuBWtceBJAll the entrepreneurs will know by now the importance of search engine optimization. They also know that it is important to build up their Google search rankings.  In this digital age, the Google rank is very important for the success of your business.


Samsung Launches Galaxy Tab 7 Plus in India

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galaxy-tab-7-0-plusSamsung is trying to refresh its tablet line up in India by launching a 7 Inch Android Honeycomb Tablet , the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus which is also known as GT-P6200. It measures 193.65mmx122.37mmx9.96mm. It weighs 345 grams.


You can Talk to your Television Now

Talk_to_your_Television_NowInteresting things came out at the Consumers Electronic Show of this year. You can talk to your televisions without sounding mental. Few years back, if you were found talking to your television, it would have seemed that you were probably agitated, lonely, flipped or down with mental instability. The television manufacturers are hell bent on proving people wrong now. Talking to your television will be considered as rational behavior from now on. At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, there were television sets that responded to speech.


MapMyIndia Android In Dash GPS Navigation System With Live TV

Auto Expos are great place to find latest automobile gadgets and of course cars. Delhi is currently having an Auto Expo 2012 with lots of new and upcoming car technologies but what drew my attention was MapMyIndia's latest offering - the In-Dash Android GPS navigation system with Live TV & internet support.

MapMyIndia is surely the best company to provide navigation products in India. We have covered many of MapMyIndia products in the past here. MapMyIndia was also the first company to launch India based GPS navigation system.


Turn Your Video Clips Instantly into Movies with VIKTOR

VIK-Logo-275x171VIKTOR is an automatic video editing App. This is an iPhone App which is available for free and it makes movie making and sharing mobile clips quick and easy. The built-in cameras on the smartphone and the tablet devices make it simple to record videos of your experiences anywhere you go. But the question here is how often you go back to these videos to watch them and share them.


IT Units and Hackers are Focusing on Smartphone Security

smartphonesecurityMobile phones that have been considered as safe not so long ago are now facing rising threats. It is the same for computer security nowadays. Computers and smartphones have become a key target for hackers and a source of increasing worry for the IT departments of big corporate companies. The first mobile virus dates back to June 2004.


Five Important Rules for your new Smartphone

iPhone-Android-novices-smartphones-phones-Apple-Steve-Jobs-Technology-Technology-News-Technology-Updates-Latest-Technology-News-300x216These are the five important smartphone basics:

1.It is the Apps that make your phone `Smart’ – Apps put the smart in the smartphone. You can use the right Apps and stock up. You will find plenty of     brownies and other Apps that may be costing the equivalent of a dollar or two. For example, Android phones come with Google’s Android Market which is an App by itself. You can install even Amazon’s Appstore as well. If you have an iPhone, your source will be Apple’s Appstore.


Scholar from Iran builds the Tiniest Microphone in the World

6a1483a2-e4f5-4839-959a-83e4cd009878A scholar from Iran has built the worlds’ tiniest microphone. Bahram Azizullah Ganji who is a faculty member at the Noshirvani University of Technology in Babol Iran has given the tiniest capacitor microphone ever built to the world. The dimensions of the microphone are 0.5 mm x 0.5 mm. The microphone is so tiny that it cannot be viewed by your naked eye.


Self Healing Circuits that Allow Cell Phones to Repair Themselves

Scientists have created self healing circuits for cell phones that will enable them to repair themselves. Scientists at the University of Illinois have created self healing electronic circuits that will mend a series of broken electronic devices through dull or dead batteries. A system of capsules has been developed and inserted along the circuit. Each capsule is filled with liquid metal. When the circuit is broken, this liquid metal is released to restore connectivity and complete the circuit again.


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