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Pepsi T20 Football - Registration Schedule & More Online

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It is a fact that not everyone in India is crazy about Cricket. There are people who loves Hockey, Football, F1 Racing, Tennis and many other games. Just recently Indian Hockey team had an amazing win against France and that shows that a coutry with 120 billion population should not only focus on Cricket but also promote other sports to give others a chance to shine.

Pepsi India is doing just that. Pepsi India is challenging you to participate in a new format of the Football, just like T20 Cricket, it will be called T20 Football. T20 Football 2012 registration starts from March 14th and you can participate if you like football.

What is Pepsi T20 Football?

Pepsi T20 Football is a new format and a new game. Instead of 22 players and 90 minute game, it will be 14 players (7 Players from each team) playing for 20 minutes. Which ever team wins the final will be coached by an international football star.These final team will then play a grand finale with Indian Cricket Starts in a T20 Football format.

Pepsi T20 Football Schedule

How to Register for Pepsi T20 Football Game

The tournament starts from March till June. Chennai being the first city and registration process starts on 14th March. You can find more details on the rules, regulations, registration venues, etc., by visiting or

Contact Phone: 08888866666.

Check out Ranbeer Kapoor's Pepsi T20 Football Promo on Youtube