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Gayatri Reddy Has Become the Face of Deccan Chargers

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gayatri-reddyAbout four years back, no one was bothered about who Gayatri Reddy is. Today, she has become the face of the Deccan Chargers team in the Indian premier league cricket. Gayatri Reddy is the daughter of the person who owns deccan charges. He is the celebrity, T. Venkatram Reddy, who is also the proprietor of the leading Hyderabad news daily, the Deccan Chronicle.

She and her father are Deccan Chargers owners. She is popularly known as Gayatri Deccan Chargers Reddy and Gayathri Reddy IPL. Some people in Andhra call her the Decaan Charger Gayatri.

Images for Gayathri Reddy-Deccan Charger:


Gayatri Reddy is the promoter for Deccan Chargers and attends all the matches regularly. She has become a regular feature with the team for the last three years and all this exposure has made the audiences curious about her personality.

Gayatri Reddy holds a distinguished record in her educational career. She has come into the limelight also because of the IPL auctions that are held each year. Here is a clip of hers during the auction meetings and subsequent press releases:


We can clearly say that Gayatri Reddy doesn't even know how to brief the press. She speaks like School kid reading text Book.

Gayatri Reddy Profile:

She is a Hindu by religion. For people who are interested in her status in life and ask questions like, “Is Gayatri Reddy married?” The answer is “No”; she is not married yet. She is single for people enquiring about Gayatri Reddy marrige. She is Miss Gayatri Reddy. She is the daughter of the Deccan Chargers owner, Mr. T. Venkatram Reddy. Gayatri Reddy age is not known.

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Numerous entries like the one posted below are seen on her Facebook Profile Page and various other ezine blogs through all kinds of open letters addressed to her: "Dear Ms Gayatri Reddy" please

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Her being in the news and at the cricket functions has made her become one of the hottest keywords in Google Search right now and a hot trending topic on Twitter.

By the look of things, it is clear that many more people have become crazy about her rather than the team that she is rooting for!