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Amitabh Bachchan Olympic 2012 Torch Relay Video

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amitabh-bachchan-olympic-torch-relayAmitabh Bachchan, a 69-year old legendary bollywood actor who is been ruling the Hindi movie industry for over 30 years now was the only bollywood celebrity invited for the Olympics 2012 Torch relay in London.

The actor was excited about the honor he received and tweeted his fans and followers about his excitement.  Amitabh Bachchan was wearing a white track suit and covered a 300-metre distance running and walking. He waved at the cheering crowd, as the Olympic Games torch relay entered the 69th day today. Check out the video after the break..


Olympics 2012 Live On Youtube - Cheap Olympic Tickets

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london-olympics-2012-live-youtubeSummer Olympics 2012 is just a month away and London has already prepared for the big day. Many Olympic fans have already made plans to visit London. So many countries are participating in the Olympics 2012.

Are you the lucky one to get cheap travel to London for the games? If not, you may be able to actually watch Olympics 2012 live online for free.


Gayatri Reddy Has Become the Face of Deccan Chargers

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gayatri-reddyAbout four years back, no one was bothered about who Gayatri Reddy is. Today, she has become the face of the Deccan Chargers team in the Indian premier league cricket. Gayatri Reddy is the daughter of the person who owns deccan charges. He is the celebrity, T. Venkatram Reddy, who is also the proprietor of the leading Hyderabad news daily, the Deccan Chronicle.

She and her father are Deccan Chargers owners. She is popularly known as Gayatri Deccan Chargers Reddy and Gayathri Reddy IPL. Some people in Andhra call her the Decaan Charger Gayatri.


IPL 2012 Live Streaming UAE, India & World

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salman-khan-IPL-2012-huge-posterIPL Season 5 is just 24 hours away. Indian and the world is eagerly waiting for the IPL 2012 opening ceremony. Amitabh Bachchan & Katy Perry Live Performance in IPL 2012 will surely attrack more people from around the world.

You can watch the Live Streaming of IPL 2012 Opening ceremony from Chennai, India on April 3, 2012. Below are the links to watch IPL 2012 Live Opening ceremony. You can also watch IPL 2012 Live online on youtube. Just remember this IPL 2012 Schedule and save this page in your bookmarks.


Pepsi T20 Football - Registration Schedule & More Online

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ranbeer-kapoor-t20-football-2012It is a fact that not everyone in India is crazy about Cricket. There are people who loves Hockey, Football, F1 Racing, Tennis and many other games. Just recently Indian Hockey team had an amazing win against France and that shows that a coutry with 120 billion population should not only focus on Cricket but also promote other sports to give others a chance to shine.

Pepsi India is doing just that. Pepsi India is challenging you to participate in a new format of the Football, just like T20 Cricket, it will be called T20 Football. T20 Football 2012 registration starts from March 14th and you can participate if you like football.


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