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The New Photo Viewer of Facebook

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Facebook rolls out its new photo viewer inspired by Google +. This has come as a fresh variation to its user interface. The latest change in the Facebook photo viewer has got its inspiration from Google +. The interaction panel is to the right compared to its previous position below the image. This variation to the photo viewer has come a year after the last major change when Facebook introduced a light-box like effect to its photo viewer and also made sharing easier.

The upgrade last year was made necessary because the code it used was obsolete and there was a need to support the high resolution images. This variation has been done to enrich the user experience.

Now, the users don’t have to scroll down to comment on the photos. Comments and the ads have been pushed to the right panel next to the photo. The new photo viewer also lets the user see larger images. The size of the image displayed will depend on the dimensions of the original image and the resolution of the computer screen of the user.

Like the old Facebook photo viewer, users can come out of the theatre interface to the earlier style of viewing photos by just reloading the page. The option to download an image or to report an image has been shifted to underneath the gear icon on the top right corner of the viewing window. About 250 million images are uploaded almost every day by users on Facebook.