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Sony has Revealed PlayStation4 Features

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People are talking about PlayStation4 since a long time now. After many months of wild speculations, Sony has come out yesterday and revealed in official terms the PlayStation4. This revelation was done by Sony at a function in New York City. This time, it talked about the console, PS4 itself, and not the details about the console.

The chief features of PS4 are the DualShock 4 Controller. This controller syncs with a 3D camera. The other special features are its ability to stream games from a cloud and you can play the PS4 games on the PlayStation Vita.

The actual date of this product’s launch is anybody’s guess. It is still not concrete yet. But the most noteworthy feature of this new PlayStation is the DualShock 4 controller which combines the elementary platform of PS3 controller along with some new elements. The old elements were the two short hand grips, dual analog sticks and four main face buttons. Now, there is a small touchpad in the center that allows the users to interact with the games and other programs. It works like a smartphone and a tablet in that respect. The controller also has a headset jack, a built-in speaker and a front light bar which changes its color to identify different players and to match the action which is going on.

The controller is also going to sync with the PlayStation4 Eye which is a 3D camera and it uses two wide angled lenses for perception of depth. It is similar to the Xbox Kinect in this respect. Players can use the Eye for controlling the motion and for face recognition. There is better precision with Move controller. The Eye has the option of four microphones to differentiate between voices and to track the positions of players in the room by using the light bar on the DualShock 4.