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Samsung Announces its Notebook Sized Tablet

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When Samsung took out its 10.1 inch Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet, people called it too big. Then it took out the 5.5 inch Galaxy Note II, then people called it too small to be a tablet and too big for a phone. Now, Samsung has announced Galaxy Note 8.0 and it has a feeling that it may just be the right size for people to be satisfied. It is a pen-equipped tablet. This Notebook type tablet has an eight-inch screen and a stylus.

It is an Android tablet which was announced at the Mobile World Congress yesterday. This was a large scaled cell phones trade show that was held in Barcelona. Samsung is hoping that the new software features and the portable size of this tablet will help make it standout among others, particularly against its arch rival Appleā€™s iPad Mini.

This 8.0 tablet is wider than the seven inch Galaxy Tab 7. It is meant to be operated a little easier in one hand. People are quite happy with the one-handed experience as per consumer research survey done recently. While using this tablet, people can lean forward and be engaged actively with the notepad and the content they edit.

The Galaxy Note 8.0 is powered by a 1.6 GHz quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM. It will also feature a 1280x800 pixels resolution WXGA (Wide and Extended Graphics Array) screen and a five megapixel camera at the back and 1.3-megapixel camera at the front. The S-Pen stylus or the digital pen offers a natural interaction mode for users who like to write.