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Sachin Tendulkar & Vijay Mallya Neighbors In Rajya Sabha

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Well well, we reported last week that Sachin Tendulkar to join Rajya Sabha along with Rekha. Apparently, the news has made its waves and the recent breaking news is that Sachin Tendulkar & Vijay Mallya would be neighbors in Rajya Sabha.

According to the recent tweet from Vijay Mallya, Sachin has been allotted division/seat # 103 in the Rajya Sabha. Vijay Mallya is on Seat # 104. So looks like Vijay Mallya is excited about his new neighbor.

While this is not the case with Rekha. According to the sources, Rekha was alloted seat 99 but Mrs Bachchan is already assigned a seat #91. So its Mrs Bachchan vs Rekha (Silsila in Rajya Sabha). Mrs Bachchan has asked her party to move her to seat 143, which is also reserved for the Samajwadi Party. That request has been sanctioned, the party informed the Rajya Sabha secretariat

Strange world of politicians and celebrities in Rajya Sabha.