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Syllabus for IBPS entrance examination 2011

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Forthcoming examination for the getting selected in IBPS will be conducted on 18th of September, 2011. The syllabus was really established a path breaking pattern; even though it follows the normal pattern followed by the Bank recruitment examination, it has one salient difference. That is the marks for testing the computer knowledge have been hiked to 50 marks. But in other respects the IBPS follows the same pattern as that of other bank examinations.

It includes emphasis on general awareness, quantitative aptitude test, reasoning power and knowledge of English language. There is also a descriptive paper which has 25 marks weighted average which is part of 60 minutes duration test. This test is usually called essay writing or letter writing test. If you leave out this descriptive test, the rest of the examination consists of objective type, which is also called multiple choice question paper. 


Candidates must be careful about answering the objective type questions is that these questions carry negative marks! If you mark any question wrongly, you will get penalty of 0.25 marks cut from your score. Be sure to mark the answer only if you are absolutely sure of the answer and do not do any guess work; that may make you lose marks you have earned on right answers.  If you choose an answer arbitrarily there is 50% probability that you may lose your marks.

The examination is marks are split up as follows;

Quantitative Aptitude (50 Questions): 50 marks

Reasoning Test (50 Questions): 50 marks

General Awareness (50 Questions): 50 marks

Computer Knowledge (50 Questions): 50 marks

English knowledge (50 Questions): 25 marks

Above sections are given time of 150 minutes.

Descriptive English test: 25 marks and time of 60 minutes

Thus the total time for IBPS examination will be 210 minutes.

SC/ST candidates can utilize the advantage of pre-examination training in major cities.