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Nokia reducing the Lumia Prices in India

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Nokia has announced that it will lower the prices of its Lumia smartphones that have a Windows platform in an effort to make them accessible at affordable rates to the Indian consumers. This may apply to the Middle East and African regions also. The customers in these regions buy their phones through the open-distribution model system which is not controlled by an operator. This rethinking in pricing took place at Dubai during the Nokia Media Roundtable Conference.

This shift in pricing is mainly because of the Lumia phones have been marketed more in the affluent markets in the distant past including the Chinese region. The Indian, Middle East and the African region is now seeing the induction of Lumia phones as a sub-brand with their new Windows operating systems. Nokia has also witnessed the market leadership in India with the success of its Asha phones and the dual-SIM devices.

Nokia has been working on establishing the Lumia phones in India as one of its big priorities. India has now got a higher mobile penetration than most of the African markets. But the Indian market is still not a very large smartphones market like the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and South Africa.

Nokia is trying to expand the Lumia phones’ range by making them more affordable to the Indian consumers. In just under a year, Nokia has launched eight Lumia phones in India across a wide price bracket ranging from Rs.10, 000 to Rs. 38, 000. Nokia is working closely with Microsoft to take the range of Lumia phones to fresher markets and for lower price points.