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Narendra Modi Brings Holographic Technology In Gujarat - First In India!!

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Narendra Modi, a man behind Gujarat's leap frog in development and technology is known to utilize technology at its fullest. Gujarat and its people know this very well that Gujarat is now a talk of the nation because of Narendra Modi. When I was growing up, I remember the national news telecast wouldn't even mention anything about Gujarat. People in other states consider Gujarat as "somewhere around Mumbai".  That has changed since Modi became Chief Minister of Gujarat

He was the first to have a live video conferencing with Gujaratis in USA during the Akhil Gujarat Sammelan in New Jersey. And today he has brought the holographic technology in India.

What is Holography?

I won't go into the details of this as you can read about Holography in Wikipedia. Lets just say it is a technique which enables three-dimensional images to be made. So you can practically project physical objects or a person or people from one location to many different locations. You know how those mythological tv serials shows glowing bulb and some faces appear and talk to you? Its just like that to be on a very layman's language.

Holographic Projection is real and live. A live human being appears out of nowhere, walks, talks, asks and answers questions, and on an invisible cue, disappears into nowhere. Holographic Projection is not a movie special effect. It is 'live'. It can be made to happen anywhere, in your office, home or in a mall,on a stage, virtually anywhere.

Naredra Modi and Holography Technology

Apparently, Gujarat's chief minister Mr. Modi has adopted this new technology to address people across 26 cities in Gujarat at the same time. So far, Modi has addressed 82 rallies virtually with 10,000-30,000 people in each centre. He not only addresses these rallies but also put first mobile holographic shows across gujarat.

Mani Shankar, a bollywood director (films 16 december, Rudraksh etc) and his team made it possible for Modi to create these holographic campaigns in Gujarat for the 2012 essembly elections.

Check out some video below where Modi's 3D Holographic technology speeches can be heard and seen



Narendra Modi 3D Holography Mobile units