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Simple Forex Strategies

Trading-Made-Simple-Forex-Strategy-Powered-by-TDI-indicatorSimple forex strategies can be the platform of a whole trading system. A simple plan will perform better across several different markets. The entry point is the most basic of simple forex strategies. Establishing an entry point in a trade can serve as a real good starting point.


Fake Tablet PCs can con you

ipad_682_1368703aDon’t get conned by fake tablet PCs. The success of tablet PCs has given a lot of impetus to copycat manufacturers who are flooding the market with cheap imitations. There are ways how you can distinguish between original and fake tablets. You have to be particularly careful about buying from eBay.


Tablet S of Sony promises a rich Treat

sony_s1_and_sony_s2_p00The Tablet S of Sony was regarded as a natural evolution from the laptop. It has now become a whole category in itself. It promises a feature-rich treat. Tablets are providing many innovations and all the functionalities of a laptop with the extra convenience of portability that has made them more acceptable worldwide. Sony has gone all out to develop the Tablet S. It has given the tablet a unique ergonomic design and many networking capabilities.


Intex Avatar 3D Touch Mobile Phone

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INTEX_AVATAR_522The Intex Avatar 3D touch mobile phone has come to India. The main feature of this handset is that it allows its users to convert 2D images and videos into 3D and vice versa with a simple touch of a button. This Intex device, which has been released recently, comes with a free pair of 3D glasses for users to see the converted content in 3D. The users will get a stronger visual experience with better imagery.


You can use your Facebook Timeline to promote your Business

facebook-timeline-activateFacebook is making its new Timeline layout to all user profiles. Business pages on Facebook are not affected and your company can take advantage of this move. The Timeline is a change to the format for displaying content on Facebook profiles. It makes the Facebook content more attractive and it lays the entire history of a user’s Facebook posts in a chronological order that makes it easier to browse to earlier material. The new layout will be a welcome change to Facebook business pages in several ways.


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