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Butanol can be a Substitute for Gasoline

recycle_papers_1People have been looking for a substitute for gasoline for ages now. Butanol can be an eco-friendly alternative to conventional fuel. Animal faeces can be an economically viable way to produce it. It was stated in a report by Professor Mullin from Tulane University in New Orleans. He has collected manure from many animals for his laboratory.


7 Ways to fix Capitalism Flaws

capitalism_grave_200Reforms are essential in these shock days that we are going through. There is a need to find practical solutions to take capitalism out of its crisis. There are seven challenges involved if there are going to be reforms.


Checklist for Business School Applications

checklistApplication for a business school requires planning, research and hard work. An MBA degree continues to be the most recognized one in today’s competitive world. The world’s leading business schools have acknowledged the need to rework their curriculum to focus on development of leaders who believe that business is a lot more than just shareholder value.


The Financial Capital of Switzerland

flughafen-zrichThe financial streets of Geneva are pretty. There is no dearth of natural beauty in Switzerland’s financial capital. When you drive in the city, you will come across clean streets, manicured gardens and mansions. The cobbled streets in the old town of Geneva give a contrast to the modern architecture of the banking and shopping districts backed by the snow-capped peaks of Mont Saleve and Mont Blanc.


Earthquake Resistant Cloak for Houses

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woodenhouse3Houses will get earthquake resistant cloak in the future. This is bordering on vivid imagination and fantasy but British scientists are claiming that it will soon be possible to create a Harry Potter like invisibility cloak that could be used to protect buildings from earthquakes. How is this possible? A team of scientists at the University of Manchester says that the prospects are high of making objects invisible to certain wavelengths in restricted circumstances and this has become very much possible in recent years. This technique will defend structures against earthquakes and other natural disasters.


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