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10 of the biggest Lies in History

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1137613_370Deceit has always held the key to money, fame and power.

These are the biggest lies on record:

  • The Trojan Horse – This is the most forgivable of the big lies since all is fair in love and war. The Greeks fooled the Trojans by taking the horse inside the fortress as a peace offering.

Han Van Meegeren’s Vermeer Forgeries – Han Van Meegeren was an


Who will buy the iPad 3?

iPad3_IG_600bWho is going to buy the iPad 3 and why? When it is introduced next month, how well will the iPad 3 sell? It is to be seen as to who is going to upgrade and who is going to sit on the sidelines. The official introduction of the iPad 3 is likely to be at the press event on 7th March. iPad 3 is likely to come out with a higher resolution of 2048x1536 retina display. It will be with a one GHz quad core Apple A6 processor and 4G connectivity.


Combination of Analysis as Part of Forex Trading Strategies

28gqvswThe fundamental principle behind the formation of forex trading strategies is based on information, development of skills and common sense. Before we enter the world of forex trading, it is best to gather information on the workings of a foreign currency market exchange. There has to be presence of mind to know when the market is ready for buying and selling and when the pips or the smallest price changes are flowing in connection with a given exchange rate.


HTC is taking out a new Line of Smartphones with Beats

HTC_Sensation_XEHTC and Beats are taking on Spotify and iTunes to boost their sales. Their new collaboration is rolling out a new line of smartphones and tablets with Beats audio features and a music streaming service. HTC has invested $300 million in Beats Electronics. This has resulted in beats getting a heavy load of Android smartphones. HTC and Beats are now looking to develop a music service that may challenge the likes of Apple’s iTunes and Spotify.


Be aware of how your data is used

WeeTrackData.jpgEveryone nowadays is obsessed with tabloid journalism and reality television. At the same time, everyone is worried about individual privacy. Questions of privacy and security are nothing new for Facebook users. Actually, concern over these topics is being regularly raised by users as well as critics. The Federal Trade Commission is also looking into how Facebook handles your private data. But Facebook is a big fish. Today, there are thousands of smaller fish in the form of Apps for smartphones which are dealing with the same kind of access to your data that Facebook has and with far less scrutiny.


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