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Apply Online For Indian Railway Recruitment Board 2012 Vacancies

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indian-railway-recruitment-boardIts the time of the year when Indian Railway Recruitment board is looking to hire people for 2012. Indian Railway Recruitment board has posted 6,829 vacancies in various categories across India for 2012.

So check out list of available Indian Railway Jobs & more..


Sachin Tendulkar & Vijay Mallya Neighbors In Rajya Sabha

Well well, we reported last week that Sachin Tendulkar to join Rajya Sabha along with Rekha. Apparently, the news has made its waves and the recent breaking news is that Sachin Tendulkar & Vijay Mallya would be neighbors in Rajya Sabha.


Brahmaputra Ferry Capsized At Dhurbi- 35 Dead Hundred Missing

brahmaputra-river-ferry-capsizedTransporation can be a bliss but can be nightmare when accidents like this happen. In tragic accident today, a ferry carrying more than 400 passengers in Brahmaputra river capsized.

Atleast 35 people are dead drowning in the Brahmaputra river and hundreds of passengers are feared missing.


Sachin Tendulkar & Rekha In Rajya Sabha

Sachin-Tendulkar-Rekha-Rajya-SabhaLooks like we may see Sachin Tendulkar & Bollywood Actress Rekha in Rajya Sabha in coming years. After the historic 100th centuries by Sachin Tendulkar, India is proud to have him as a citizen and so does the Congress party Rahul Gandhi & Soniya Gandhi. 

Apparently, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh recommended four names, including those of Rekha and Sachin, for the Upper House of the Indian Parliament.  Congress President Sonia Gandhi met Sachin and his wife Anjali at her 10 Janpath residence in New Delhi.


Saroo Brierly - Indian Reunites With Family Using Google Earth

Saroo-BrierlyTechnology is not just limited to using cellphones and computers and tablets or those funky gadgets, the true technology revives when it can help save people, reunite family, help people make their lives better. Two years back we saw how a homeless man with golden voice found a job when the video went viral on youtube.

Today, a boy from Calcutta who was separated from his family in a train travel reunited back after 25 years using the help of Google Earth.


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