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Internet Rates To Go Up

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The Department of Telecommunications has started charging high entry fees and the internet service providers are going to raise the internet and broadband services rates with the new license framework.

The Department of Telecommunications is going to charge one-time entry fee of Rupees fifteen crores for a national level unified license as against Rupees thirty lakhs that the companies have been paying for the internet services currently. Should the internet service providers opt for this unified license proposal, then the cost of the broadband services and the internet is going up surely.

Under this new license regime, the Department of Telecommunications is going to allow internet telephony. This is going to reduce the cost of call services and it is likely to benefit even the rural regions. VoIP is accepted widely as an application. The foreign companies that are not registered with the Department of Telecommunications are offering voice calling service between one computer to another and from computer to landlines. They do not have licenses. The local companies are now rising up and feel that they should be permitted to provide the voice service across the networks as they pay the annual charges to the Department of Telecommunications.

An internal committee set up by the Department of Telecommunications has now suggested permitting the internet service providers with wireless broadband spectrum to offer the voice telephone services by using these airwaves. In 2010, the Broadband Wireless Application spectrum was allotted to six private companies. Reliance Jio Infocom and Infotel Broadband were among them. This internal committee has left the decision on the companies to make this additional payment for the unified license for providing the VoIP mobile telephone services.