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HTC is taking out a new Line of Smartphones with Beats

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HTC and Beats are taking on Spotify and iTunes to boost their sales. Their new collaboration is rolling out a new line of smartphones and tablets with Beats audio features and a music streaming service. HTC has invested $300 million in Beats Electronics. This has resulted in beats getting a heavy load of Android smartphones. HTC and Beats are now looking to develop a music service that may challenge the likes of Apple’s iTunes and Spotify.

HTC and Beats will take out a line of smartphones and tablets with Beats audio features with a music streaming service possibly at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, Spain, later this month.

HTC is leaning on the connections of Beats in the music industry to build a streaming service which will be offered as a default music client on HTC phones and tablets. Currently, the default music App on many phones running Google’s Android operating system is Google music and songs are sold through the Android market. HTC has picked on a streaming service similar to the subscriber service of Spotify.

HTC is working on the pricing plans and other details. Beats is looking to improve the quality of digital audio and the way people hear it by fixing the degradation of sound in digital music. The television has got better with High Definition systems but at the same time these systems have destroyed audio through the speed and convenience of compressing it.