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Google Project Glass - Futuristic Sunglass With Android Integration

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Imagine that you have a power just like "The Terminator" that can tell a person's name just by looking at 'em, look outside the windows and find out the temperature and all kinds of crazy things. Google is launching a new project called "Google Project Glass" that is basically a futuristic sunglasses with Augmented reality and android integration.

 Google yesterday launched a Google Plus page for Google Project Glass that shows a video of what all you can do if this Augmented reality sunglasses made available to consumers.

Features of Google Project Glass (or could be)

  • You can receive text messages and reply them back right in front of your eye balls without even looking at your phone or any distractions.
  • You can get critical alerts for your daily routine lifes like weather, traffic alerts, social alerts
  • You can take a picture just by looking at things.
  • You can find driving directions or walking directions right in front of your glasses
  • You can even do video chat with your family and friends through these amazing Google Sunglasses.
  • From the video, it looks like this may have an integration with Google Android Phones or Tablets.

Check out this video below that shows what can be done with Google Project Glass


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What do you think? Would you be buying one of these? I can't wait to try it on myself.