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Google Buys Quickoffice - QuickOffice For Android Free For Life

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Google started competing with Microsoft few years back when it launched its Google Docs product that allows anyone to read/write word/excel/powerpoint files without having to install Microsoft Word.

Since the rise of smartphones, document editing feature brought down to mobile phones and when we talk about document editing on smartphones, only one name comes to mind -- QuickOffice. Google now has acquired QuickOffice.

Today the CEO of QuickOffice announced in a blog post that they have been acquired by Google. Google also has confirmed the acquisition in a twitter post.

So does that mean Android phones will have QuickOffice Pro free for life? Well, only the time will tell what Google will be doing with the acquisition but Microsoft must speed up their act to bring mobile office productivity tool out there for devices like iPad iPhones to compete with Google now.

What do you think?