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Fake Tablet PCs can con you

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Don’t get conned by fake tablet PCs. The success of tablet PCs has given a lot of impetus to copycat manufacturers who are flooding the market with cheap imitations. There are ways how you can distinguish between original and fake tablets. You have to be particularly careful about buying from eBay.

Sometimes, you will come across an offer like an Android tablet ePad with LCD touch screen, Wi-Fi, 3G support, USB cable and a power charger for $99 on eBay. People get tempted because such offers are also accompanied by home delivery directly free of charge within a fortnight. Even with the alarm bells surrounding such an offer, people still fall for such things. When your order arrives, you may just be tapping listlessly on the blurry screen of a bulky black device.

There is a growing trend of fake tablets flooding the internet auction websites and the number of such counterfeit tablets is rising considerably. There are some things you can consider to distinguish between genuine and fake tablet PCs.

First, there is a danger when the price looks too good to be true. The products may not be as good as the price. Also, be wary of deep discounts. A discount of more than twenty per cent on an item indicates that it will most likely be a fake. Some counterfeit sellers try to attract the buyers by not charging duty and shipping costs. Be careful when there is no return or refund policy.

When you are buying online, do a combined search with the vendor’s name and the word `scam’ and see what comes up. Check the manufacturer’s website for authorized retail partners. You also have to be careful when visiting the auction sites whether the images of the tablets look real in terms of actual features, size and colors.