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Consumer Will Be The Collateral Damage With The Case Between Apple And Samsung

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The Apple and Samsung war will hurt the consumers as well as the economy. The consumers will realize this and take out their wrath on both these companies after the result of the patent trial. This is like an intellectual property war. Their federal courtroom tussle is going to continue for another month.

By fighting over broad claims on the looks and feels of smartphones and tablets, both the companies are using the patent law loopholes and weaknesses. The direct costs of this battle are going to affect the research and development budgets of both the companies. It may also have an impact on the forces of economic renewal.

In April of last year, Apple has sued Samsung on copying the design and the technology from the iPhones and the iPads. Samsung is also unable to dispute the fact that its later products are quite similar to Apple’s patented designs. Samsung subsequently got back at Apple and sued them for copying their wireless networking technologies.

A German court had banned Samsung from selling its Galaxy tablet 7.7 across the European Union. The companies have been busy in dirty verbal battles and in filing of the paperwork. They have been busy seeking injunctions and appealing decisions since last year.

Next week’s trial is going to be held at San Jose in California. Even today, Samsung is not allowed to import its Galaxy Tab 10.1 into the United States of America. It was also blocked from importing the Galaxy Nexus smartphone but the injunction has been waived off temporarily ahead of this trial. What is expected in the coming week then? Both companies have to present their testimony to the ten member strong jury and then wait for what lies in store for them to proceed.