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The New Photo Viewer of Facebook

facebook_new_photo_viewer_1024_large_verge_medium_landscapeFacebook rolls out its new photo viewer inspired by Google +. This has come as a fresh variation to its user interface. The latest change in the Facebook photo viewer has got its inspiration from Google +. The interaction panel is to the right compared to its previous position below the image. This variation to the photo viewer has come a year after the last major change when Facebook introduced a light-box like effect to its photo viewer and also made sharing easier.


Sensing the Pulse of the Masses

Picture221Sentiment analysis on social networking sites is becoming a big business in many areas.  For example, the barrage of posts on Twitter last year about Netflix may have tipped off investors to influence a swing in the stocks that affected about eight billion dollars from the movie rental company’s market value in a matter of just three months.


Protect Your Investments when Your eMail is Hacked

hacker-pixelWhen your email is hacked, think about protecting your investments first. Most of the time, when people get hacked, they worry about their Facebook friends getting annoyed with them. Before you bother about your friends, get your finances right. While you are alerting your friends, the hacker may be emailing your brokers to wire your assets to a bank account unknown to you. If that happens, no government or securities industry agency is under obligation to reimburse your losses to you.


Google has pulled some Content off in India

indexGoogle Inc. has removed some controversial content from its Indian services to be obedient to a court order in a civil lawsuit. This is the latest twist that has taken place in the legal drama over internet censorship in India. The content was removed from its search sites, YouTube and Blogger, after receiving an order from a New Delhi District Court.


India versus the Internet

india_internet_2It is not the case of one angry Indian against Facebook or Google. The entire internet freedom is on trial in India.  The state backed censorship of Salman Rushdie at the Jaipur Literary Festival has grabbed the headlines as `The Republic bows before the Mob’. A serious free speech drama has been quietly played out. It all started with Vinay Rai, Editor of a Delhi based Urdu daily called `Akbari’, filing a criminal complaint in a district court in New Delhi.


Users Protest on the Country Specific Tool of Twitter

Users_protest_on_the_Country_Specific_Tool_of_TwitterSome Twitter users are planning to stop using the service on Saturday, 28th January, in protest of the company’s new rule that allows for content to be blocked in specific countries. This policy was announced on the company blog yesterday and it will enable Twitter to block specific tweets on a country by country basis when the content is against the local publishing laws.


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