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Permits Revoked for Companies For Non-Renewed of their 2G License

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2g_scamThe Supreme Court of India has ruled that all those companies who have not been able to renew their 2G license will have to cease operations with immediate effect as their permits will be revoked. The auction for airwaves took place about three months ago. The Supreme Court allowed only those companies who won the licenses in that November auction to continue with their services.


Narendra Modi Brings Holographic Technology In Gujarat - First In India!!

narendra-modi-holographic-technologyNarendra Modi, a man behind Gujarat's leap frog in development and technology is known to utilize technology at its fullest. Gujarat and its people know this very well that Gujarat is now a talk of the nation because of Narendra Modi. When I was growing up, I remember the national news telecast wouldn't even mention anything about Gujarat. People in other states consider Gujarat as "somewhere around Mumbai".  That has changed since Modi became Chief Minister of Gujarat

He was the first to have a live video conferencing with Gujaratis in USA during the Akhil Gujarat Sammelan in New Jersey. And today he has brought the holographic technology in India.


Breaking: Bal Thackray Dies In Mumbai - Why Mumbai Bandh?

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bal-thackrey-deadThe founder of Shiv Shena, Maharashtra's most iconic figure Bal Saheb Thakrey died at his residence Matoshree in suburban Bandra on Saturday after ailing for weeks.

"He had suffered a cardiac arrest. We could not revive him despite our best efforts. He breathed his last at around 3:33 pm," Dr Jalil Parkar, who treated the Sena supremo, said.


Sikh Temple Shooting At Wisconsin USA - 7 Dead

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In the crime against Indians, USA Wisconsin Sikh Temple became the victim of shootout rampage today. An unknon man or group of man entered the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in Oak Creek, August 5, 2012 and took children and few people as hostage.

At least seven people, including one gunman shot by a police officer, have been killed in an attack on Sikh worshipers.


Lenovo May Become The Biggest PC Maker Soon

Lenovo-overtake-Hewlett-Packard-to-become-worlds-biggest-PC-makerLenovo is progressing towards replacing Hewlett-Packard as the world’s largest PC maker. Lenovo is inching closer to a global tech title. It will be the first Chinese company to reach the top slot worldwide in the technology sector.


A Tech Upgrade For New York City

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A_Tech_Upgrade_For_New_York_CityNew York City is getting technically upgraded. The city is busy building up its status as a technology-first metropolitan area. The city officials have announced five initiatives this week in the wake of the expansion of the booming technology sectors of New York.

The Mayor has announced the initiatives in conjunction with the New York City Economic Development Corporation and the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications. The program is to develop the broadband access further and incorporate technology into the public policy of the city.


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