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Indian Mobile Codes

Got missed call? Find out who called and from where?

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Find out the Operator and Circle/Area of any Indian CDMA or GSM mobile number. Just enter the first 5 digits of the number and click Submit to get the Operator name and the Circle to which the number belongs to.

I just finished working on the database updates. All the latest 97/99/98 series codes have been updated with the latest information. You should be able to get all the latest MSC Code information now. So have fun and Enjoy!!

Updates (Aug 25th, 2008) : I have just updated the databse with 9717, 9601 and 90 series.

Important: Because of few leechers who wanted to steal the thunder, I have moved this missed call feature into its own section. Please Check the top menu, we have added "Missed Call Finder" link. Please {ln:http://informationmadness.com/oldsite_backup/cms/missed-call-finder.html 'Click here} to continue.

Please change your bookmarks to the above link.

Indian mobile codes finder. Got Missed call from any cellphone number and you want to know who called? Use the above application. Indian Mobile number checker.

Please Note: This is not a directory service. This service can give you the state/metro area information from the cell phone number. I have created this service so that you can get rough idea about the call. REMEMBER There is no directory services available for Cellular phones/Mobile Phones. You can not get address/name information from a mobile number. That is a privacy issue, and Telephone operators like Tata, Reliance etc. don't release this kind of information to the public. So PLEASE don't put your personal email addresses and cellphone numbers here asking the address/name information. This site will not be responsible for the misuse of the information provided by you.

If you are outside India and are looking for missed call information, please check this post to find out location information from a phone number.

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