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You can take a Virtual Tour of the Grand Canyon with Google Street

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You can save yourself many dollars and the travails of laborious journeying and take an exciting virtual tour through the Google Map sourced backpack-mounted cameras to get the 360-degree panoramic view of the Grand Canyon. In the last few months, Google Maps have stepped up its cartographical strides to give you breathtaking details in the maps and take you to exotic locations like the Grand Canyon, snowy mountains or even the coral reefs under the oceans through their Street View.

They have developed `Trekker’ which is Google’s backpack mounted camera system for people to explore the magnificent 360-degree panorama captures on a virtual hike. What other better place you could wish for other than the Grand Canyon to use the `Trekker’?

Recently, a team of five people packed with `Trekkers’ went on the trails of the Grand Canyon in the company of ten other Google engineers. They captured images during a span of three days. Last year, another company called `Nature Valley Trail View’ conducted a similar trek using its own 360-degree camera system. Not many people heard about it. But, Google, this year, is planning to incorporate the images from their recent expeditions to the Google Maps’ global service.

Each `Trekker’ unit has a set of fifteen cameras. These cameras are connected to an Android device to capture the 360-degree panoramic images. The Google team took 9500 panorama captures that covered seventy miles of paths and trails around the Grand Canyon National Park. The trek included the famous trails like the Bright Angel Trail, the Phantom Ranch and the Meteor Crater.

All this scenery is now available to you in Street View and you can take a virtual tour of the Grand Canyon in the comfort of your living room. Take a look!