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Yahoo Maps and Google Maps for Indian Cities

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As it is official now that Yahoo! has launched Beta version for India Maps. The website profiling Indian web products and services "" has published an article about the Yahoo Maps for India.

According to the site, its confirmed that the Yahoo Maps Data is provided by CE Info Systems. CE Info Systems owns the Desi (Indian) Mapping application

Even though its not official from Google, the Google Maps team has made a huge launch of streets, roads and place names for the country of India. This was released sometime around December 2006.

Previous to this launch Google Maps India showed a vast white space with the "Map" view toggled on making only satellite imagery available. The street maps that have been added for Indian cities also show symbols for various amenities such as hotels, police stations, cinemas and more.

So does it mean that Yahoo followed Google? Well I think so. Yahoo Maps for India launched early this year. If you look at Yahoo Maps India, you would see similar symbols, icons for restaurants, shopping centers, stadiums.



Delhi Map on Yahoo Maps India


Delhi Map on Google Maps India

So for comparison, I checked Delhi Map in Google and in Yahoo. Above two images are focusing on the same location. One is Google and one in Yahoo.

If you look at both the maps carefully, The Yahoo Hybrid map for Stadium is quite off from the actual. While google is showing accurately. Also I have seen the consistency in Google maps throughout different countries maps. Whether its Australia Map, USA map, UK Map or India Maps.

To me personally, the Yahoo India Maps looks like somebody was playing doodles and created this Map. Well I am not criticizing it but I would not expect such product from Yahoo. Yahoo Maps for USA is competitive with Google.

Good thing about Yahoo maps India is that, you can search for businesses in the maps. Restaurants, shopping centers, police stations etc. But I don't think that google would have to work hard to get those features added for India as they already have all these information. Its just the matter of releasing it for public.

May be Yahoo Maps India is in Beta and they might enhance it but for now, this is what I have to say about Yahoo India Maps. I wish good luck to Yahoo Maps India Team and hope for getting more and more features from them.

You can reach to Yahoo Maps India website -->

To reach Google Maps for India --> go to and enter any indian city name.

Check it out yourself.