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Next Version Of Amazon Android Kindle Fire Tablet

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A new and thinner version of the Kindle Fire with high definition display will be out within a month. It will be thinner and lighter.  The screen will be a 1280x800 high definition seven-inch one.

The screen resolution will get an upgrade as the new tablet improves on the original without altering the form. People can expect a similar looking Kindle Fire like the current one with few additional specifications.

The next Fire will have a front facing camera. The body design will have slight improvements. Amazon is not likely to increase the price from its present two-hundred-dollars tag in view of the aggressive pricing of Google’s Nexus 7 tablet.

Amazon is already approaching the developers to help bring out apps in sync with the new Kindle Fire. It is now close to six months since Amazon brought out its maiden media friendly tablet. Amazon has stuck to the screen resolution that Google has been utilizing. Amazon is also relying on the Android developers for free hardware and it is trying to sell Android apps with much aggression.

The pixels density of the screen will be 216 dots per inch. This is a huge improvement and will make the comfort level of the eyes almost on the same plane as Apple’s MacBook Pro with Retina screen. It will not be, however, as dense as the latest iPad. This tablet is likely to start shipping around three weeks from now and the announcement is likely to be made public through China Times.

It may not work out too well for Amazon as by that time, the Nexus 7 of Google would have taken a considerable market lead.