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Google's New Sunrise And Sunset Search Feature:

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Recently Google has introduced a new feature-the so called Sunset and Sunrise. The feature gives the exact times of the sunsets and sunrises on the certain location in the world. For example if you want to know when is the sunset in Athens you will have to simply type in the Google search box Athens sunset and the exact time of the sunset in this location will appear on the screen.

Google claims that these times are correctly calculated since the sunsets and sunrises are quite predictable unlike the weather forecasts. The sunset and sunrise times are calculated taking into account the longitude and latitude of the specific location in the world and the local time. The feature will particularly useful when people want to make plans for important events in their lives for example the times for a wedding proposal and so on.

The people who do regular sporting exercises will also find this feature very helpful. For example they will be able to plan their morning jog precisely by knowing the exact time of the sunrise and sunset. By this way they won’t get up to early or too late and will be able to execute their exercises right on time.