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Google Is Hailing Nexus Q

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Google is hailing Nexus Q as the first social media streamer in the world. This stream player that looks like a ball is going to be made available for around three hundred dollars and it can be connected to your TV to stream tunes and videos from your Android device.

This is Google’s latest gadget that is targeting your living room. This week has been a busy one for media streamers. Sony announced its NSZ-GS7 internet player and Vizio announced its Co-Star. Google has announced its Nexus Q streaming player at its I/O Conference. The player gets its power from an OMAP 4460 processor. Google is hopeful that this player will change the way you share your entertainment in your house. It will stream HD movies, music, YouTube clips and Google TV content from the cloud.

If you have friends visiting with Android devices, you can allow them the opportunity to control the Q and play their own videos and music. It is going to be ready for orders and shipment in another couple of weeks. The Nexus Q is a little more expensive than other music and media streaming devices.

Not many people are going to be thrilled about the orb-shaped design but it may look better than an average set-top box. There are recessed ports at the back so that you can keep the cords tidily and they won’t come in your way. LEDs can be customized so that the lights can synchronize with the music patterns and an interesting visual will come upon your screen.

If you wave your hand in front of a blue dot on the orb, the music will get muted. The volume can go up or down if you slide your fingers along the front of the Q. Google’s engineering director is calling the Nexus Q a cloud connected jukebox where everyone can bring their own music to the party.