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Email Log Search For Apps Administrators Added By Google

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On request of the Google Apps administrators, Google has added email log search. As per the request of the IT administrators of the email suite and the cloud collaboration, the feature is available in the Apps control panel.

This tool has been rolled out for the administrators to search through Gmail logs. This kind of a search will make it easy to know what happened to an inbound or an outbound message. You can check whether a message was sent to your domain and marked as spam. You can find out which users received or sent a particular message.

This tool is going to help the IT administrators to query email message data such as the sender, the recipient, the subject, total transit time and the delivery status. The Gmail log search is going to help the domain administrators to maintain the same kind of access and visibility into the functioning of the Google Apps that they have been accustomed to from the legacy and the onboard email systems.

This tool is built on the Google BigQuery cloud-based data analysis service. The Gmail log search will be available in the next five days for Google Apps and it will be available for business, education and government clients. Administering all the Gmail accounts is a pain if you are in business, educational or a non-profit institution. The new tool is going to make life easy for the administrators to look into the inbound and the outbound email traffic taking place from their domain.

This tool for the Gmail log search does not give the full details of the content of the message. Yet, it is a powerful tool as the administrators can now sift through the last month of delivery logs for their domains and assess the messages.