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Indian Google Mashups

Bangalore Rental Property on Google Maps

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Property prices in India are rising fast, and not just in the biggest cities. As the tech boom spreads across the country, as more Indians buy homes, and as the economy grows at faster than 8% a year, real estate is attracting more investors, many of them from abroad.
Because of this boom, lot of real estate websites are also popping up every day. I was thinking of writing an article about list of real estate websites in India but the moment I started searching for the sites, I was surprised. So many websites with similar words but tweak them to get different domain.,,,, are just few to name them. 
But among all, is the biggest one. It is a group company. was launched in August ’05 by Info Edge India Ltd. Since then it has been the fastest growing property portal of India with a growth rate of 400%. It receives Indian and NRI traffic of 50,000 a day that can access over 2 lakhs listings on site.
But I am not writing about property websites here. All these websites are similar. Search for properties by cities, states and stuff like that. 
But there is this new website called which started recently (Whois query tells me that the domain was registered in March 2007) is different from all these websites.   

Yahoo Maps and Google Maps for Indian Cities

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As it is official now that Yahoo! has launched Beta version for India Maps. The website profiling Indian web products and services "" has published an article about the Yahoo Maps for India.

According to the site, its confirmed that the Yahoo Maps Data is provided by CE Info Systems. CE Info Systems owns the Desi (Indian) Mapping application

Even though its not official from Google, the Google Maps team has made a huge launch of streets, roads and place names for the country of India. This was released sometime around December 2006.

Previous to this launch Google Maps India showed a vast white space with the "Map" view toggled on making only satellite imagery available. The street maps that have been added for Indian cities also show symbols for various amenities such as hotels, police stations, cinemas and more.

So does it mean that Yahoo followed Google? Well I think so. Yahoo Maps for India launched early this year. If you look at Yahoo Maps India, you would see similar symbols, icons for restaurants, shopping centers, stadiums.


Banglore Restaurants Mashup

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Yesterday I found out about this website called Grub is informal terms for a meal.

The site currently lists restaurants in Banglore/Chennai with map option. Looks like its still in its infancy, if this clicks, they might add more cities.

Main features are searching capabilities, mapping capabilities and review capabilities.


Banglore Traffic Google Mashup

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Lately I am aggresively involved in finding out as much information about india as possible. During these process, I find lot of statistics about india. Indian population, Indian roads, Indian train information, Indian transportation.


So I was thinking of creating some sort of google mashup for Indian City Bus routes and foudn out the above website. The site is still in its Beta phase.   The site is




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