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Indian Google Mashups

Now Shop Using Google India

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On March 30, Google declared the commencement of a new tool to access product info online in India. Google's new shopping agency – sometime before useable in U.S. and European countries now finds its way into India.

Such like Google shopping in the US, this tool bookmarks thousands of websites that describe the prices and images of different products. As of now, the Indian avatar of Google Shopping throws collection info usable from over 30,000 indian websites.



Get Metro Rail Informations On Google

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Now Delhi Metro Rail users can get their train timings, schedules, fares and train routes with a single click of their mouse.

Google India has joined hands with DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) to provide complete information of the metro rails service for their users. This new age system is made available through the Google Transit.

Checkout Haiti Devastation WIth Google Earth

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Google reacted to the devastating earthquake hit Haiti earlier this week by providing satellite images of the destruction in Google Earth and Google Maps. These images will prove to be a  helpful tool for aid organizations that are planning to assess the damage to Haiti's infrastructure

Get City Bus Route Info On Google Maps

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bus-bus-indiaIts been a while I write about some interesting Google Mashup for India. Today I found out about two new interesting startups that will help you find the city bus routes on the google maps. Whether you are travelling within Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Indore, Pune, Delhi or Kolkata.. you can just select your destination, starting point and this websites will help you find the bus routes for you.

There are plenty of sites that helps you find out indian trains routes such as eRail.info, IndiaRailInfo, 90DI but when it comes to indian city bus routes, there are very few websites that can find you the bus route information for your destinations.. So here are few resources that you can use to find out the bus route information in Indian cities.


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