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Indian Google Mashups

Take Free Helicopter Ride To Tourist Places With Google Maps

google-maps-helicopter-ride-3D-routeLooking at the earth from above the ground is absolutely beautiful. If you have taken any Hot Air balloon rides or any parasailing rides, you would know that. There are many popular tourist places in the world where you can pay some big bucks to get a helicopter ride to get that view.

But now you can get your helicopter ride from within Google Maps and that too for free. How? Lets check it out


Under The Sea Cable Interactive Google Map

under-sea-cable-interactive-mapWe have heard many times in the news that coutries are having issues with Internet connections because "Under the Sea" cables were broken. Reliance Globalcom, Europe India Gateway and many other giant telecom providers across the world have huge investment in installing those hundreds of thousands of submarine cables under the sea.

So far we only heard about those but now we can actually see those cables including the cable’s name, ready-for-service (RFS) date, length, owners, website, and landing points.


Weather Comes To Google Maps

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If you remember, we currently have a dedicated link that shows Indian Weather on Google Maps. That particular Google mashup was created by a developer using Google Maps API.

Today, Google officially released Weather layer on Google Maps across the world in collaboration with Weather.com that can not only tell you the weather conditions but also the day or night for that particular location on the Google Maps


Google offers To help Chennai and Hyderabad Commuters

googleAfter having introduced many path breaking services that have added great value to the Google’s users, the company is to present yet another feature that can make the life easy for the users of public transport systems in Chennai and Hyderabad. The commuters can get the Google Map’s feature of f figuring their desired bus routes. This is available both as online and mobile app. Google has already giving out information of public transport system and there is no doubt that many cities can benefit from this online information.


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