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You can't find Rajnikanth - He Finds You!

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All those Rajnikanth fans knows that Rajnikanth can do anything. I was watching this new TV Series on SAB (R.K. Lakshman ki Duniya) and one of the joke was that "its feeling cold these days because Rajnikanth kept his refrigerator open).. LOL. I know its silly but say that to a Rajnikanth Fan.

Anyways, so can you find Rajnikanth on Google?

A Rajnikanth Fan has created a page "Google Rajnikanth" that shows something like this "Google won't search for Rajinikanth because it knows you don't find Rajinikanth, he finds you.".

Check this out. Its funny. And while you are at this, check out this video of some Amazing Rajnikanth Action sequences.