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Technical Reasons To Prefer Sheela Vs Munni

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Just came across this funny and well thought out comparison between the biggest blockbuster songs of 2010. "Sheela Ki Jawani" and "Munni Badnaam Huee".

I thought it would be good to share this beautiful technical comparison between these two gorgeous bollywood beauties based on their most popular song of 2010.

So check out this following reasons to why you would prefer Sheela over Munni. If you think there is something you can add, please feel free to comment below. :-)

Parameters Munni Sheela
Branding Munni is Badnaam Sheela Is Jawan
Place of Performance Munni gyrated in some Desi Daaru ka Adda Sheela gyrated in some metropolitan disco bar
Demand - Supply Concept Munni is offering herself easily (refer line: Darling tere liye). So huge supply. Demand will be limited Sheela is not available easily.(refer line; Main to khud se pyaar jatau & tere haath kabhi na aani) So low supply. Huge demand.
Dance Style Munni repeated age old "Latka-Jhatka" (even rakhi sawant can do that) Sheela shook her booty with drumbeats. (Like Shakira.. something new)
Mathematical & Psycological Analysis Munni is sleek ( Who wants Zero figure) Sheela is voluptuous (What could possibily a better graphical representation?)