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Have Virtual Fake Girlfriend That Texts And Calls

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Ok so your cool classmate has a hot girlfriend but you are out of luck and have no girl friend. No worries because now you can have a virtual girlfriend(fake Girlfriend) that will send you texts and call you while you are out with your friends.

A new website called "", is a service that will give you a real girlfriend like experience with a fake one. So here is how it works..

1. Save (212) 804-6979 to your phone under your "girlfriend's" name.
2. When you're out with your friends, send a text to the FakeGirlfriend number.  
3. FakeGirlfriend will respond with a random girlfriend-esque message.  
4. About a minute later, FakeGirlfriend will call you with a pre-recorded message.  
5. After you hang up, tell everyone how great your "girlfriend" is.

This service may not replace the real girlfriend but will surely help those who lack confidence and may give them a boost to actually find a real girlfriend. Call it a dry run for the girlfriend experience before you can actually have a real one.

Make sure you give out a temporary phone number instead of your real phone number. You can actually use Google Voice to ring your cell phone for such service.