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You can't find Rajnikanth - He Finds You!

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how-to-find-rajnikanthAll those Rajnikanth fans knows that Rajnikanth can do anything. I was watching this new TV Series on SAB (R.K. Lakshman ki Duniya) and one of the joke was that "its feeling cold these days because Rajnikanth kept his refrigerator open).. LOL. I know its silly but say that to a Rajnikanth Fan.

Anyways, so can you find Rajnikanth on Google?


Have Virtual Fake Girlfriend That Texts And Calls

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fake-girlfriend-like-realOk so your cool classmate has a hot girlfriend but you are out of luck and have no girl friend. No worries because now you can have a virtual girlfriend(fake Girlfriend) that will send you texts and call you while you are out with your friends.


Renault ZE - Life Without Electricity Commercial

renault-ze-commercialElectric cars are now slowly getting their way into consumer market. The whole Global warming and pollution issues have made people rethink about their next new car. Europe and Americas are already gearing towards more and more electric cars.

Renault, a leading car company has launched its new line of Zero emission electric cars Renault ZE. The company started a campaign that shows what our lives would be without electricity. So why not accept the cars with electricity?


Suresh Raina Is God - Nope Its Sachin

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suresh-raina-sachin-godI don't know why but sometimes silly things starts trending heavily on social networks. Just today I noticed that "Suresh Raina Is God" is trending heavily on Google. It may soon catch up in Twitter and Facebook. But what's the truth?

Is Suresh Raina a God? Not really, actually Sachin Tendular is a god (of Cricket) after his 200 runs in ODI. So what's the deal here? Well check out the video below..


First Video Made For Facebook?

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facebook-videoFacebook - the word has now reached to millions and millions of people. If you are one of those who doesn't know facebook, you might want to visit it because it is going deeper and deeper into people's lives.

Just today I came across this really funny video made for Facebook.. Its kind of a love story song but Facebook is tightly integrated into the lyrics of the song. Check it out, its funny..Listen to the Lyrics..


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