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Interesting Fact About August 2009

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Do you know anything interesting about the month of august 2009? I am not talking about the current events or world news or important person's death or anything like that.  What I want to tell you is that the month of August 2009 comes in every 823 years,.. why?


Majestic Residency Bans Visiting Girl Friends In Bangalore

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http://cms.mumbaimirror.com/portalfiles/22/1/200908/Image/Majestic_noti.jpgYou might have seen a board outside some apartment complex that dogs and cats are not allowed or you might have seen visiting hours in the hospitals but would it surprise you if I say an Apartment Complex in Bangalore bans girl friends.

Majestic Residency, near Forum Mall has tight restrictions on young female visitors wanting to meet their male classmates or friends who reside in the complex.

Majestic Residency has 175 two- and three-bedroom apartments across four blocks. Around 30 flats have been rented by students of Christ College and other colleges. General Manager Naseer said, “As these students reside in proximity to other families, their behaviour needs to be monitored.

We need to ensure that they do not create problems or embarrass other families.”  Problems arose when girls would come to meet their male friends and stay long hours, citing ‘group studies’.


Funny SBI Credit Card Call To Indian Customer

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Sometimes telemarketing job can be stressful and sometimes it can become really funny.

I am a college student from a small town. I don't exactly have alot of money so naturally I can't afford having a credit card. So one day I get this call to my dorm room of all places and the conversation went something as follows.

TM: (in strong southern accent like all TM's) Hi I'm so and so from Citibank visa blah blah do you want a credit card?

ME: No

TM: Can I ask why?

ME: (pissed)why? why? I'll tell you why, I am a college student. You know damn well that college kids are the poorest people on earth so why sell me a credit card?

TM: well


Idea Launches Dada Ki Duvidha For Orissa Launch

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Idea Cellular has launched a new online character called "Dada", the 'dhoti kurta' clad, long-haired, easy going, happy-go-lucky character to promote its Orissa launch.

Dada’s apparent resemblance with a person hailing from East India is a deliberate attempt to create visibility for IDEA amongst the youth community on the internet, as the company rapidly expands its operations in the eastern parts of the country. Dada’s apparent speech impediment, which either comes naturally or is caused by the ever-present beetle nut leaf in his mouth, instantly connects with audience from the East.


Obama vs A Pesky Fly - Winner is Obama

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President Barack Obama had a lengthy interview on CNBC today to talk Wall Street, health care, and his proposed financial industry reforms. The President was interrupted, however, by a pesky fly.

During a break in the interview, the President made quick work of the pest. "That was pretty impressive wasn't it?" President Obama said. "I got the sucker." Watch the video


Wolfram Alpha Easter Eggs - Smarter Search Engines

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Wolfram Alpha, a new search engine recently launched to compete with Google & Wikipedia reached to 100 million query within few days of the launch. That is a big achievement for a search engine startup that is just one month old.

Search Engines are now not a regular search engines, they are becoming smarter and smarter every day. People tend to ask weird questions and expect the search engine to give them the answer. Remember the famous New York to London directions with Google Maps? That was an easter egg from Google Maps which is not available anymore but Wolfram Alpha has incorporated quite many easter eggs into its search engine algorithms.


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