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Merry Xmas & The Indian Jingle Bell

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Wish you all a Merry Christmas and here is something funny for you all. The Indian Jingle Bell..


Gujarati Poem For Office Workers Dost Tu Kya Jay Chhe

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This is a little off-topic here but I got this forward message from a friend who works in a office just like me (9:00 am to 5:00 pm). A very nice thought in a Gujarati poem. For those who knows Gujarati.
દીલ પૂછે છે મારું અરે દોસ્ત તું ક્યાં જાય છે?
જરાક નજર તો નાખ સામે કબર દેખાય છે.

HP Laptop Webcam Is Racist?

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PoorBest of you who doesn't know what is Racism, please refer to Wikipedia article. Its a racial descrimination which typically points out taxonomic differences between different groups of people based on ethnicity, country or color of your skin.

One of the HP (Hewlett-Packard) laptop user named "Desi" purchased his laptop as a chirstmas present for his wife and realized that because he is an african american, HP's integrated webcam face tracking didn't work for him.


Chat With Santa Clause Online

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PoorBest parents in western countries tell their children about Santa Clause and how Santa gives gifts to every children in the world. It is an interesting story for kids just like we have our own stories and characters in our religion. People try to make every effort to make their kids believe in Santa. Last year I wrote about an article on how to track Santa Clause Live and now this year, you can even chat with Santa Cluase online.


Whats The Meaning Of Google, Apple, Microsoft And Hamam?

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PoorBest I am not going to discuss about Soaps and detergent here. You may have heard different company names and their brand names but do you know how they came up with those names? Why Google is Google? Why Apple Computers name their company "Apple"? Or say why the best networking company is called CISCO? Well there are reasons behind names of these companies.. so lets check it out..


Gamer Marries To Cartoon Character Nene Anegasaki

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Japanese gamer 'marries' Nintendo DS character 'Sal9000' became the first person to officially pledge his love to a video game character in a ceremony at a technology festival in Tokyo

As strange and funny as it sounds, the gamer from Japan fell in love with the virtual woman named Nene Anegasaki while playing Love Plus, a dating simulation game (Nintendo DS). Last weekend he became the first person to officially pledge his love to a video game character in a ceremony at a technology festival in Tokyo.


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