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Gmail Users in India can Start to Hangout Now

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If you are using Gmail in India, you can start to Hangout. It is going to be fun with friends. The Google+ Hangouts have been extended by Google to all Gmail users in India. Google has made the announcement in its official Indian blog and has informed that the Gmail users can now initiate a one-to-one video chat with other Gmail users. They will be able to add up to nine users at a time once they sign up for Google’s social networking site, Google+.

These users will also be able to watch the YouTube videos together and work jointly on Google Docs. They will be able to play games by adding the apps from the menu that appears on the left. They will be able to share the screens like a conference webinar. Google is ready to offer a low bandwidth mode for slower connections also.

Google has informed that it is going to integrate Hangouts with Google Calendar so that the users can schedule and plan new Hangouts. This move by Google will definitely attract more new users to Google+. It may also make the dormant users to change their mind and become active.

To start using Google+ Hangouts, you will have to click the `Hangout’ button on the top of the chat list in Gmail. The users will now have the ability to add stars or labels to their messages in the new `Compose’ box. In order to do this, they will have to click on the `More’ options menu at the bottom right to select the `Label’ option there.